The Role of the National Capital Authority

The National Capital (Planning) Authority was established by the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1989, the same year the Australian Capital Territory was established as a self-governing and separate legal entity.

The purpose of the National Capital Authority is to manage the Commonwealth Government's continuing interest in the planning and development of Canberra as Australia's national capital:

…the Commonwealth has a clear interest in and responsibility for the national capital. This interest extends not only to the development and functioning of the national capital aspects of Canberra but also to the role which the national capital can play as a source of national identity and pride in developing understanding of the Australian political system.Steering Committee Report of the Review of the Functions and Resourcing of the National Capital Planning Authority (1995)

The Authority is charged with the further design and development of significant national areas such as Lake Burley Griffin, Commonwealth Place, Reconciliation Place, Commonwealth Park and Kings Park.Individuals and organisations are also engaged to design major commemorative works, such as memorials, that reflect significant moments in Australia's history. Complementing this function, the Authority raises awareness of Canberra as the national capital. This promotion enhances the character of the national capital and creates many new and diverse opportunities for Australians to appreciate their capital.

Our Vision

Our Goals

Our Mission

To build the national capital in the hearts of all Australians