Curriculum Guidelines to the Cottage

Curriculum links for activities at Blundells Cottage are aimed at students who are in years 3-6 of their primary schooling. Below are suggested Essential Learning Achievements associated with school visits to Blundells Cottage and completion of the units in the Education Kit:


ELA 1 uses a range of strategies to think and learn
ELA 2 understands and applies the inquiry process


ELA 8 listens and speaks with purpose and effect
ELA 9 reads effectively
ELA 10 writes effectively
ELA 11 critically interprets and creates texts

Social sciences

ELA 21 understands about Australia and Australians

Blundells Cottage is an ideal teaching resource which can assist students in learning to identify and empathise with the varying perspectives of individuals and groups throughout Australia's history and attempt to understand the actions, values, attitudes, gender roles and motives of people in the past.