Unit 6: Tales from Canberra's Past

In this unit the students will be encouraged to develop their understanding about the rural setting in which Blundells Cottage previously existed, and the water and land use in the past. Included are a few short stories for this unit that describe the landscape of the Duntroon Estate or certain events that took place there. The stories vary in level, so please select the stories which would be appropriate for your class.

When the Ginn family, and later the Blundell family, were living in the cottage, the area we now know as central Canberra was called the Limestone Plains. It was a patchwork of properties and houses, Duntroon Station being the largest and occupying most of what we now know as central Canberra. There was no Lake Burley Griffin. The Molonglo River flowed freely, unhindered by a dam and surrounded by paddocks populated by sheep from the very large Duntroon Estate. With only a small human population, there were no suburbs housing hundreds of thousands of people, or roads and parkways as there are today in the national capital.

For further tales from Canberra's past, please have a look at our reference list.

Stories of the Landscape
More Tales about the Duntroon Estate…
Travel Stories

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