Unit Themes - Teachers notes

The online kit is divided into seven themed units and provides an exciting journey of investigation for students. It is an exploration of life in the Canberra region from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. The online kit relates directly to middle primary (year 3 and 4); however, we have included activities that can be adapted for upper primary (year 5 and 6) or secondary (year 7 and 8). The online kit also includes additional activities such as a slideshow gallery, timeline and fact sheets which can be adapted for a variety of year levels. It is recommended that the online kit be used in conjunction with a class visit to Blundells Cottage as there are also post-visit activities that can be completed by the students.

This set of resources may be used as a whole or as separate modules. The modules will be relevant to topics such as 'Seven year olds in the past', 'The Story of Canberra', and 'Houses & Dwellings'.

Read through the teacher's notes first. Decide which modules and activities best suit your class and discuss the topics with your class before giving them the worksheets.

Unit themes

Additional Activities and Information

Post-visit Activities