Visiting Blundells Cottage – Middle Primary Activities

To get the most from this online resource we recommend that teachers incorporate a visit to Blundells Cottage as part of these units. A visit to the cottage will integrate the various themes in this education kit. The following activities can be completed after a class tour of the cottage. Please select and print out copies of the activities that you would like the students to complete after their tour of the cottage and they can fill the worksheet/s in on the open area out the front of the cottage.

Please let the Blundells Cottage staff member on duty know, before the tour commences, that the students will be working on one or more of these activity sheets after their tour. The students may need to refer to the objects within the cottage, so a supervisor will need to be available to assist a student or small group.

Activity Sheets

Download activity sheets (PDF:460KB)

The PDF contains: