A Capital Choice: The Selection of Canberra as the Site of our National Capital, 1908-2008

Why was Canberra chosen as the site for the national capital?

From Albury to Armidale, Lake George to Lyndhurst, towns across New South Wales vied to become the site of the new Australian national capital.

Would the 'invigorating' climate of Dalgety or the reliable water supply of Tumut secure their selection?

A Capital Choice asks which town would you have chosen for our national capital? Through images and an interactive game, the exhibition explores the decision to select Yass-Canberra as the site for our national capital.

A Capital Choice is on display at the National Capital Exhibition.

Visit the A Capital Choice exhibition in your classroom as part of the National Capital Exhibition online virtual tour.

A Capital Choice links directly to the National Capital Authority's primary education kit, The Story of our Nation's Capital and secondary education kit, Reflections of a Nation. Use the curriculum resources and activity sheets on the selection of the site of the national capital provided in these education kits in conjunction with A Capital Choice.

A teacher's resource has been developed to assist with the presentation of the themes of the exhibition to primary school students.