Lets Make Maps Nothing to it

Setting the Scene

Cartographers have two key things to consider when they create a map;

  1. purpose of the map
  2. target audience

There is much information which could be included on a map. The cartographer must make decisions about what information they will display on their map. It is important to decide on key features, intricacies and information that need to be included and how the map will get used, eg a map for an amusement park will have a different layout to a bushwalking map.

In developing a map, cartographers and surveyors need to;

  1. Define the purpose and target audience of the map.
  2. Decide on the paper size and scale of the map.
  3. Choose themes and colours which are appropriate for the context of the map.
  4. Undertake a survey and gather information to include.
  5. Choose a design and layout for the map.
  6. Draw the map onto a grid.
  7. Check and edit the map as required.
  8. Publish the map.


Imagine your home town has been chosen as the site for the federal capital. Pretend you are Charles Scrivener and you have the task of surveying your school grounds. Create a map of the federal capital surveying the land of your school as the site. You are to draw your map onto the grid paper which has been provided. Make particular note of any of the following features;


Understand why the information surveyors collect is important and relevant.

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