What's Important About Maps?

Setting the scene

Maps are a representation of features on the earth’s surface which have been measured, usually by a surveyor. They are designed to record the relationship between features such as mountains and rivers. Maps can be very simple or complex. They are a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional object.

Scrivener’s maps contain many important details about the national capital site. His work mapping the Canberra Valley and the national capital site was significant as it provided the foundation for the city we have today.


Traditionally maps were reproduced on paper in a hard copy format. Now we rely on digital technology to create and store maps.


Create a poster showing how mapping has changed from Scrivener’s time to today. Use information and images from the internet. In particular you should focus on the equipment and techniques used in the early 1900s when Charles Scrivener was surveying the national capital and compare this to today’s instruments and technology.

Areas you should look at:

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