The National Capital Authority and the National Police Memorial Steering Committee have worked together to produce this unique online resource. This resource provides secondary teachers throughout Australia with a curriculum-based education document that supports the teaching of Studies of Society and Environment and Australian History.

Background notes are provided at the beginning of each unit. These supply the teacher with valuable pre-lesson information and also act as a classroom-based resource to which students can refer in order to promote critical social enquiry, group discussion and individual reflection.

Activity sheets within each unit encourage student development through research projects and reports, surveys, debates, creative design and site studies. The activity sheets are designed to be easily downloaded, printed and copied for immediate use in the classroom.

A reference list is also provided for teachers interested in accessing current sources of relevant information via the internet, journals and books.

This education resource is ideal for use prior to a school excursion to Canberra, where students can visit the actual memorial they have been studying and gain a greater appreciation of its role in the unique setting of the national capital.