Unit themes

This resource has been divided into three themed units. Each unit can be used individually or grouped together as a large project to be completed over a series of lessons.

Unit 1 - A Memorable Memorial

More than seven hundred police officers have been killed on duty since the advent of policing in Australia. To commemorate these deaths, a police memorial was built in Kings Park on the northern shores of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra. This unit provides information on the competition for a National Police Memorial and the design requirements necessary to make it a suitable and significant object in the national capital of Australia. The unit also explores the physical elements of the winning design and its symbolic nature.

Unit 2 - National Significance

National memorials located within Canberra have a special significance. They inform current and future generations of the values held by the Australian community at a particular point in time. The National Police Memorial is a unique place for acknowledging and reflecting on Australian policing past, present and future. This unit highlights the role of the Australian Police Services and community policing. Information is also provided on the National Police Remembrance Day and the memorial’s connection with Australia’s national capital.