This kit has been developed by the National Capital Authority to provide primary teachers with a curriculum-based education resource to support the story of Canberra as told through the National Capital Exhibition.

The kit is designed to be used in the primary classroom prior to students visiting the National Capital Exhibition. In addition, it can be used alongside education resources provided by the National Archives of Australia, Old Parliament House, the National Library of Australia, the National Museum of Australia, the Australian Electoral Commission, the Australian National Botanic Gardens and Parliament House.

The National Capital Exhibition, located at Regatta Point in Commonwealth Park, Canberra, tells the story of the establishment of the National Capital through the use of innovative and interactive exhibits. The Exhibition is promoted as the essential first stop for school groups visiting Canberra. It allows students to understand the city and its historical background and to orient themselves prior to exploring all the wonderful buildings and public places the National Capital has to offer.

We hope you and your students embrace the story of Australia's National Capital and welcome the National Capital Exhibition into your classroom