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Unit 2
Walter Burley Griffin and the Competition for the Capital

An Ideal City Critical Analysis

Setting the scene

The location of Australia's National Capital had been decided. An international competition was held to find a design that would incorporate an ornamental lake, Parliament House, public buildings plus parks and gardens. An architect from Chicago, Walter Burley Griffin (and his wife and partner, Marion Mahony Griffin), won the competition with designs that incorporated the natural environment and were seen to represent democracy and modern ideals for a national capital.

The National Capital Authority, the National Archives and the National Library of Australia have collaborated to produce a website based on the 1911-1912 competition for the design of the National Capital.

What to do

Key points within your report should answer the following:

Be creative

Present your five fascinating facts to the classroom in an informative and entertaining way. This may take the form of an interactive presentation using computer based resources, a poem or role-play including other members of the class.