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Unit 3
The Griffin Legacy

Urban Development of the National Capital

Setting the scene

Canberra is built on the foundations of Walter Burley Griffin's design for the National Capital. Important features that characterise the city today include Lake Burley Griffin, the inner hills that contain the city and the main avenues that provide transport corridors and vistas to the surrounding landscape and important city landmarks.

Over time, Canberra has been shaped by distinct phases of development. Some of this development has responded sympathetically to Griffin's plan and some have not, but each has responded to the unique circumstances and needs of the time, and each leaves a characteristic mark on the National Capital landscape.

Use the URBAN DEVELOPMENT OF THE NATIONAL CAPITAL Background Notes and Map to complete the following research report.

What to do

Key points within your report should answer the following:

Be creative

Find a map of your local district and indicate with colour pencils the sections
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Answer these questions: