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Unit 4
Your National Capital

National Capitals Worldwide

Setting the scene

National capitals are a symbol of unity for all citizens. The Seat of Government is often located there, along with important public buildings and institutions that symbolise aspects of a country's history, culture and future. The National Capital promotes images that reflect national identity and conveys particular qualities of the country in question.

Canberra is Australia's National Capital. It is a planned city and the conscious creation of an emerging nation. It is a city that stands proudly in the ranks of National Capitals throughout the world.

Below is a list of some countries and their National Capitals.

United States of America Washington, DC New Zealand Wellington
Canada Ottawa India New Delhi
France Paris United Kingdom London
Brazil Brasilia People's Republic of China Beijing
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Russian Federation Moscow
Germany Berlin

What to do

Key points within your report should answer the following:

Be creative

Find a recipe that you think represents the national capital that you have been studying.

Follow the recipe and create a culinary masterpiece. You may add decorations to reinforce images of symbolism and citizenship.

Answer the following: