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Unit 4
Your National Capital

A Capital Survey

Setting the scene

Canberra is Australia's only major inland city. It is a place for national protest, celebration and commemoration. As the political pulse of the nation, Canberra hosts regular visits from international world leaders and heads of state. It is certainly seen by many as the political centre of Australia, but these days Canberra is much more. It is a National Capital full of ideas and innovation. It is home to national events and celebrations, national treasures and national icons - a National Capital of which we should all be proud.

What to do

Create a survey to record a person's perceptions of the National Capital.

Your survey can:

For example, include these questions in your survey:

Add extra questions that you think will be useful as part of the survey.

Try to survey as many people as possible.

Remember your survey must be unbiased. You cannot help the people you survey with their answers.

Collate your results and present them in an easy-to-read table or graph.

Be creative

List ten ways you would positively promote the National Capital to high school students.

Which aspects of Canberra would you use in your promotion?

Be inventive and use your imagination.

There are no limitations.