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Unit 5
The Central National Area

Commemoration in the Capital

Setting the scene

All cultures create objects and emblems whose purpose is to commemorate the celebration of historical moments, events, people or ideas that have meaning and value for the community at large. Commemorative works such as memorials are a physical expression of unity and beliefs within a community. As permanent objects, their strength resides in the fact that they will remain a lasting physical feature to be acknowledged by future generations. Such works, when located within a country's capital city, have a special ‘national significance'. Canberra's memorials inform current and future generations of the values held by the Australian community at particular points in time.

Use the COMMEMORATION IN THE CAPITAL map to complete the following activity.

What to do

Use these criteria for your Peace Park design:

Be creative

Once you have completed your design for Peace Park, create a multimedia presentation which showcases your achievement.


Commemoration in the Capital